What we do (in a nutshell):

We specialise in remuneration (“compensation” or “reward”) and benefits.

In a little more detail:

  • We specialise in remuneration (“compensation” or “reward”) and benefits.
  • Policy & procedures formulation
  • Job grading/ job evaluation (Paterson and Decision Tree – formerly called JE Manager - in particular)
  • Pay structures/ pay scale development
  • Total Package/ Total Cost Of Employment
  • Excel-based remuneration management tools (including annual salary review tools)
  • Remuneration analyses (normally Excel-based)
  • Reward & recognition systems
  • Retention strategies
  • Performance management
  • Customised niche surveys/ market benchmarking
  • Advice on choice of appropriate market salary surveys
  • I have sufficient knowledge of organisation design to assist clients to avoid the more basic mistakes.